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Diskutiere Greens Club im Vom Rohkaffee zum Selbströster Forum im Bereich Rund um die Bohne; We have started a Greens Club with a few people from a different forum. The Greens Club buys green coffee beans of different varieties for...

  1. zapty

    zapty Mitglied

    Dabei seit:
    We have started a Greens Club with a few people from a different forum.
    The Greens Club buys green coffee beans of different varieties for wholesale prices and divide the beans amongst its members.
    The first batch we bought was the following:

    Yemen Mocca Matari
    Indonesian Sulotco Sulawesi Private estate at Bolocan
    Colombian Supremo "La Manuela Farm"
    Java Blawan Estate
    Nicaraguan Maragogype
    Brazil Yellow Bourbon "Fazenda Rainha"
    Sumatra Mandheling G1
    Ethiopean Harrar Longberry
    Genuine Old Brown Java

    Each member contributed a set amount of money and had a vote in the selection of beans.

    Each member ended up with app. 23 kg's of green beans of excellent quality for a very good price.
    That should be about a years supply depending on how much you roast.
    Shipping costs to each member is different as there are members in the UK and The Netherlands so far.
    Any one interested in joining, send me a mail....
    Even if the 23 kg is to much, get together with a few other roasters and split the membership quantity amongst you.
    We all thought that the prices that most or all sellers of green beans ask is much to highm so we did something about it.

    Best regards,


    Coffeetime Greens Club Member (UK)
  2. #2 Kaffeesack, 08.04.2007

    Kaffeesack Mitglied

    Dabei seit:
    Hi zapty,

    is that right: Minimum purchase is 23 kg? Or does the amount of beans correlates with the sum total of all club members i e my share of it ?

    Whats the average price per kg ?

    best regards

  3. zapty

    zapty Mitglied

    Dabei seit:
    Hello Kaffeesack,

    Our first purchase was 9 different types of beans (9 bales) that we divided amongst 9 of us.
    One of the members bought half of the total amount of the 9 bales and the other 8 divided the other half of the 9 bales.
    We each ended up with about 23 kg of 9 different types of beans. (you could divide this up further if a few of you would get together to form one member, however only one of you could become the member and would have to divide up the purchased kg's amongst you)

    The price we paid for the beans is very good considering the quality.
    However so as not to anger the bean selling community we wil not advertise this price on a public forum, hope you understand this.

    It is free for you to join the club but you will have to be cleared by the members for membership at first.
    After clearance it is free for you to check out all the details and find out if you would like to join in the next purchase.

    It is all based on trust and friendship.
    Let me know if you are interested...

    It is only that I would like for everyone that roasts to be able to purchase their beans at an affordable price instead of the very expensive prices that have to be paid now that I inform you all about this club.
    I receive no money or have any other interests in this other then being a member myself that enjoys excellent green beans at a good price!!!

    Also you can check out the website and read about the Greens Club:
  4. Herb

    Herb Mitglied

    Dabei seit:
    The taxation limit for private use in Germany is 20kg/year. Keep that in mind you wouldn't like to have nasty mail from the revenue office :roll:

    The transport costs from UK to Germany are pretty high. Although I appreciate the idea in principle, the end costs should be higher than a proper researched price in Germany. I mostly pay between 4-7 €/kg for small quantities and good to excellent quality.

    Finally from my choice I would have bought only 3 of the offered varities, that would mean I had to use a lot of stuff which I wouldn't have chosen in the first place.

    Personally I'd be interested to know if you would give away surplus beans for a reasonable price :)
  5. zapty

    zapty Mitglied

    Dabei seit:
    Hallo Herb,

    Transport costs to mainland Europe are about €30 for up to 30 kg.
    The selection of coffee beans is decided by vote amongst the members, every vote counts, tastes obviously differ.
    The more members, the more different types we can buy from our wholesalers and experiment and blend with.
    Most prices from retailers are a lot higher then the prices you quoted, especially for small quantities and premium quality, shipping costs for small quantities add up to...
    Taxation is not a probleem and not that expensive, in Holland it is only 6%.....
    Surplus beans? depends on what you want, I've got some maybe.
    The Limu beans I have at the moment are very nice...

Greens Club

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